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Lime essential oil special focus!

Lime Blossom

This Friday, in honor of St. Patty’s weekend (and my propensity to associate colors, holidays, and fruit, I suppose), we will learn about essential oils, their use in history and in present day, methods of use, and we will try essential oils of all available varieties but in particular I hope that you will enjoy essential oil of lime in the air, in water, sparkling water, soda, or beer, and perhaps a cupcake! Don’t forget, we will gather in the intention of enjoyment of each other, our environment, and setting ourselves off to a phenomenal weekend from a naturally elevated state!


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2014 Abundance, Gratitude and Team Raffle!

This year has certainly brought many new and good people and events.
The last few months in particular were intense.. I went to an essential oil company convention, just a month after going to a retreat and family reunion (same week, separate event) in Utah (after a summer vacation visiting with family 6 weeks prior to that out of state also). I landed a new job just as I flew off to Salt Lake City, after 8 years at the previous one. I had just begun taking a very labor-intensive portfolio class a few weeks prior and was getting very overwhelmed with it already- and the syllabus showed nothing but a steady uphill slant all the way to the end. I have had 2 new roommates move in through this same timeframe. The last 3 weekends in a row have been booked with travel to a family wedding out of state, my new company Christmas party with overnight stay included, and of course our own essential oil urban retreat and visit with Arin…. so suffice to say this is one of the first chances I’ve had to sit down and write!

I wanted to share with you about special offers. Frankincense is near and dear to my heart as it is the first one I became interested in and started my officially committed path with essential oils, on the final evening of 2012!

I love frankincense since I learned how relaxing it feels to rub on my chest, any time I feel heart-heavy, or stressed, or anxious. Recently I was meeting with a client and I began to get so nervous that even calming blend was barely keeping me together, when I tried frankincense. It totally put me at ease!

This year, my team has grown exponentially and it is humbling, to say the least. I want to show my appreciation for all of my wellness advocates, old and new, and my gratitude to all of you who qualified me for the rank of premier. In addition to the team raffle under Kate Goldstein, I will be additionally holding a raffle for my team! Anyone that makes a 200pv order this month will be entered in my raffle giveaway.

Carrie’s giveaway raffle
🍊1st entry drawn will win a SpaRoom Diffuser! These retail at $60!
🌱2nd place wins a 15ml bottle of Grounding blend oil and a full 6.7oz tube of Unscented hand and body lotion.
3rd place wins a 5mL bottle of Massage blend.
The name of the game is peaceful pampering here if you couldn’t tell.

This is extra information if you need ideas for what to order this month.
A new friend I’ve made created this awesome list and permitted me to share it. I’ve been making my Christmas lists for everyone with essential oil products abounding!

“It is a great time to give the gift of essential oils. Give yourself or others the gift of health and wellness!

Here are some products I think would make great gifts for anyone. This will help you get your 200pv so you can earn a free Frankincense and be eligible for the Team Raffle.

I’ve created this list to show you the wholesale price along with the PV.”

Great Gifts Under $10

Calming Bath Bar $6.99 & 5pv
Invigorating Bath Bar $6.99 & 5pv
Invigorating Blend Hand Lotion $6.50 & 5pv
Lip Balm with Peppermint and Orange $4.75 & 4pv
Protective blend Toothpaste $8.50 & 5pv

Great Gifts Under $15

Hand and Body Lotion $14.50 & 14.5pv
Protective Blend Throat Drops $14.50 & 15.5pv
Respiratory Blend Throat Drops $14.50 & 14.5pv
Peppermint Beadlets $11.50 & 11.5pv
Protective Blend Beadlets $15.00 & 15pv
Fractionated Coconut Oil $12.00 & 12pv
Essential Ointment $12.00 & 10pv

Great Gifts Under $25

Protective Blend Foaming Hand wash with two dispensers $22.50 & 18.5pv
Seasonal Blend Softgels $22.50 & 20pv
Digestive Blend Softgels $19.50 & 15pv
Protective Blend Softgels $24.50 & 21pv
Facial Cleanser $16.50 & 16.5pv
Pore Reducing Toner $17.50 & 17.5pv
Invigorating Scrub $18.00 & 18pv
Foaming Face Wash $21 & 21pv
Healthy Hold Glaze $18.00 & 15pv
Shampoo Protecting $19.50 & 19.5pv. 2-pack $24.50 & 19.5pv
Smoothing Conditioner $23.00 & 23pv 2-pack 28.00 & 23pv
Shampoo & Conditioner $28.00 & 23pv

Great Gifts Under $50

Soothing Rub $29.25 & 29.25pv
Hair Serum $35.00 & 35pv
Tightening Serum $49.50 & 49.5pv
Anti-Aging Moisturizer $34.50 & 34.5pv
Hydrating Cream $34.50 & 34.5pv
Petal Diffuser $47.00 & 20pv

💜Great Oils to Give💜

Lemon $10.00 & 10pv
Orange $10.50& 10.5pv
Lavender $21.00& 21 pv
Peppermint $20.50 & 20.5pv
Grounding blend $20.00 & 20pv
Respiratory blend $20.00 & 20pv
Joyful Blend $37.00 & 37pv
Protective blend $32.00 & 32pv
Calming blend $30.00 & 30pv

Thank you for being a part of reinventing health care and our team. I hope you are feeling my deep appreciation this year and the spirit of abundance this holiday season!

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(My first) Convention!

What an experience we had! I hope these photos capture the essence, and I will integrate my notes as I can!

Convention Day 1:

Convention Day 2:

Convention day 3

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Not a plastic addict

The plastic industry would love you to think all plastic bags are useful and do not end up fooling turtles for food. So this shouldn’t happen, right?

This is only a block from the ocean.

And one really major reason I’m loving the DIY essential oils lifestyle! I finally get to reuse and reduce my use, the best 2 ways to recycle.

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Make Your Own Laundry Soap: check!

Make Your Own Laundry Soap.

Last night, we completed this process. We now have 3 gallons of homemade laundry detergent complete with our own personally devised essential oil blend! We used lavender, white fir, and wild orange to make the gel version. This morning took a whiff and the lavender has certainly taken over… well, I guess our laundry will be a relaxing experience! Which is great for us as we presently do not have a washing machine at home and it always takes us something to get out there to wash our clothes at the laundromat, then bring them home to dry..

Let me know if you’d like a sample! I’ve certainly got enough to go around.

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Women’s blend

I’m studying up on the differences between an absolute and an essential oil. Wow! It’s even more potent and concentrated than the essential oil.

A formidable list of oils in this blend:

Citrus absolute
Jasmine absolute
Rose absolute
Vanilla bean extract
Ylang Ylang complete

Since we recently saw an unveiling of jasmine essential oil, and both rose and jasmine are so labor-intensive to produce that they carry a higher price tag, I studied up a bit on those and they are powerful essential oils— and powerfully needed in my family right now.

Vanilla. I have revered vanilla for some years now. Have been half-way famous for sporting vanilla over the years… previously I have favored the vanilla from Bath & Body works, but I’m re-thinking the purity of their scents nowadays, to say the least!

The sweet, bland flavor is one of the most popular the world over, and while it is considered plain, it is really a complex layering of sweet and spicy flavors that have been used for centuries to flavor everything from chocolate to milk.

Cocoa bean has all the benefits you might have theorized. Patchouli has more!

Sandalwood has always been a favorite of mine, and has many powerful applications to boot!

Vetiver is a grounding base which gives this blend its fixative and base note: by itself, it kind of smells like… dirt. Any fixative, base note will aid a scent to “stick” lastingly.

Ylang Ylang has been coming up in conversations recently as well. I hadn’t been too interested in the past, but my interest is now piqued by this feminine scent.

I will be getting a few bottles to spread the love! With a wedding and a baby on the way in my family, and Mother’s Day and more in May, heaven knows we need it…

Visit my contact page to discuss this further!

Slides from Mood Management Seminar

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In honor of St. Patty’s day, I give you…. lime!

Of course, I am at least as color-observant as aroma-observant, being a graphic designer by trade…

Besides which, we (being my husband and I) ADORE the lime essential oil… I apparently started a new tradition- putting the lime drops in Coronas or Pacificos. It was VERY GOOD! It turns out, lime has other benefits as well…! Stay tuned, but the time and place will remain the same, Friday, happy we have completed the work-week time..