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Lime essential oil special focus!

Lime Blossom

This Friday, in honor of St. Patty’s weekend (and my propensity to associate colors, holidays, and fruit, I suppose), we will learn about essential oils, their use in history and in present day, methods of use, and we will try essential oils of all available varieties but in particular I hope that you will enjoy essential oil of lime in the air, in water, sparkling water, soda, or beer, and perhaps a cupcake! Don’t forget, we will gather in the intention of enjoyment of each other, our environment, and setting ourselves off to a phenomenal weekend from a naturally elevated state!

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In honor of St. Patty’s day, I give you…. lime!

Of course, I am at least as color-observant as aroma-observant, being a graphic designer by trade…

Besides which, we (being my husband and I) ADORE the lime essential oil… I apparently started a new tradition- putting the lime drops in Coronas or Pacificos. It was VERY GOOD! It turns out, lime has other benefits as well…! Stay tuned, but the time and place will remain the same, Friday, happy we have completed the work-week time..